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Meet Dr. Todd Honcharik


Dr. Todd Honcharik graduated from the University of Manitoba dentistry program in 2014. Prior to that he received his Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in Sociology, from the University of Winnipeg. He attended high school at Mennonite Brethren Collegiate Institute and at the University of Winnipeg Collegiate. 

A good work day for Todd begins with a strong cup of coffee from Second Cup down the hall in Kildonan Place Mall followed by a steady work schedule balanced with all types of dentistry. After work Todd likes to head home and spend the evening with his girlfriend, Cara.
In the summer Todd can often be seen commuting around the city on his bike. On his non-work weekends he likes to be at the river in Pinawa or at the lake in Victoria Beach.
In the winter Todd catches the odd concert and plays on his hockey team, The Gators. You may also see him battling the snow with his shovel in his driveway; his favourite past time ... just kidding.